Our Brand


The Piu comes from the word “più” in Italy meaning “more”; while inouïbelle comes from the French word “inouï” and “belle” meaning “amazing beauty”. Our motto would be “offering more to an amazing beauty”.

Our Rose icon is derived from the hexagon-shaped of antioxidant structure and rose as our main ingredient. The soft pink color is chosen to represent the gentle effect and the silky feel on the skin after using The Piu.

We believe in the amazing potential the skin possesses (more than we can imagine) that needs to be enhanced and carefully nourished so the beauty within emerges. Chemicals being exposed or applied daily to skin will only disrupt the skin’s natural structure, hence diminishing its glow. With this in mind, our biggest passion is to educate on the importance of maintaining a good daily skin care routine with the most effective products.

Our promise to our customers is that we will only use the best natural ingredients that are most beneficial to skin, enriching it with antioxidants. Your skin deserves the best home-care treatment to harness that amazing potential of great transformation and we would love to be a part of that transformation!